About Us

Vintage Pitch is a fresh new company trying to bring back a Vintage Football culture. Our love for everything Calcio is our inspiration for our T-Shirts. We love & respect the beautiful game. We remember the legends & moments of the beautiful game. Moments that have marked us all throughout the years. The pitch is where everyone can express themselves. We like to print that expression on stylish & trendy T-Shirt.

Located in the ice hockey dominated, multicultural and beautiful Montreal,QC, Canada, we have spent years on the frozen pitches of the great white north. Playing outdoor, playing indoor, as long as we had a soccer ball at our feet there was no weather to stop us. Even though we are hundreds of kilometers away from Europe and South America where all these memories have been created we have continued to follow because of our passion.

Now with the world wide web everything is at the click of a button so feel free to follow us on our social media platforms below. 

 The T-Shirt needs to be an expression of clothing that can be worn for any occasion,during any season & represent that persons character at any social event. We love soccer and we love T-Shirts so thus the birth of Vintage Pitch, where you can feel the pitch.